Restoration Gallery

Split screen restoration gallery

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone involved in the restoration of my 1963 VW split screen, with out there help this business would not be possible!!

Restoration Gallery

The Black Mountains Nr Hay-on-wye by Nicole Williams

Wolfie –

The first step in the restoration was to find somebody to do a great paint job, his name was wolfie, wolfie specialise in graphics for motorcycles, petrol tanks and helmets, but with his love for VW split screens he couldn t say no to the challenge of changing the look of a tired looking camper.

Dick Eastwood – My Uncle – Wiring and engine specialist and a wealth of knowledge, patience and support !

Barty –

Barty has done a fantastic job on the vans interior, giving the van its own unique new kitchen and camping space.

Mark Vaugan – Wye Solar –

Mark installed the gas system, giving the van the most important thing, Gas to cook on, this meant you can have a tasty bacon sandwich first thing in the morning whilst watching the sun come up and attempt a good hearty evening meal watching the sun go down!! Plus with a flick of a switch and the propex heater will kick in the take the chill off the evening cooling.

Alun Price – Mechanic, knows all you need to know about aircooled engines, always available for advice and a hand when another pair of hands was needed.

Cliff at border Electrics in Three Cocks also set up the lighting and radio wiring, and double checking all the wiring work done on the van, glad to say my wiring was fault free!!